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AfakBoye Virtual investment Fund

We are here simply to make you more money and create you sustainable wealth. We offer up to 200%ROI on our investment packages.

You can also earn big from us with a minimum investment of N5, 000.00 and being our Referrer.

… While the RICH buys assets in form of Investment, the POOR buys liabilities in form of "Savings"…. It is the big difference…

Making gainful investment is the only sure way to defeating Poverty…

At Afakboye our corporate objective remains “providing absolute solutions to issues of unemployment and unsustainable income in Nigeria for National Economic Development and Socio-Economic Welfare of Nigerians through productive investment in entrepreneurship. In pursuant of this objective we have be able to find an adequate answer to an important economic question. This question is “Why are the Richs getting richer while the Poor continue getting poorer”?… You are most likely to have been thinking about this too. What are your answers? May be you are one of those that believe it is natural; it is because the rich are born to be rich or probably because they are from wealthy home. If you believe these entire reasons permit we to say you are wrong absolutely.

The rich are never getting richer because it is natural for them to be rich, nor because they are born from wealthy home, not at all. The simple reason here is that, while the rich have the knowledge to differentiate between assets and liability and focus their attentions buying assets, the poor know no difference between assets and liabilities and in many cases end up buying liabilities in an intention of buying assets. The RICH are even wise enough to buy the POOR to work for them forever and therefore continue getting even richer. These are the simple reason and it is as simple as that.

What then is “Asset” and what then is “Liability”? Asset is anything that could continue working for you bringing you more money than you had invested within a reasonable period of time, while, Liability is anything that causes you to spend more on them for their safekeeping without them bringing any or adequate rewards over a reasonable period of time.

It is in line with this reason that the money of the RICH never sleep in their bank accounts but rather run on various investments for them and bring them more money that continue to bring them more money and more money. The money of the RICH never sleeps in bank, it runs on investment. Instead of their money to sleeps in bank and that they will be asked to pay heavy bank charges on those money, they will rather go to the bank to withdraw out the money that poor had kept in the bank in form of loan and use it all together to get even more money

And you know what the poor do under this scenario, the poor are so wise that they always want their money to be safe, nothing should happen to it, therefore they are always ready to keep those money in the virtual bank account and keep working to put more money in the bank and so continue paying account maintenance and different kindly of bank charges which at the end of the day makes them get less than what they might have put in that bank account. The worst case for the poor is that when they approach the bank for loan they will never get it.The same bank where they have been keeping their moneys for many years will tell them that they are not financially worthy because they have no external befitting investment that could be used as collateral

So, it is a matter of being economically wise enough to realize that bank savings is never an asset most especially in Nigeria but a form of modern liability. It does not increase your wealth, what could increase your wealth is to invest in creating many streams of income. It is on this reason that AFAKBOYE Investment Platform has been created to make you more money and subsequently create you sustainable wealth.

Is there any possibility that that money you are keeping in that bank account could earn you 5% per annum not alone of 250%? The possibility is ZERO! BUT if you invest that money here you could earn as much as 250% of your money just in 12months. Imagine an investment of N200, 000.00 turning into N650, 000.00 just in 12months doing nothing. That is the secret of the rich and that is what makes the BIG DIFFERENCE.

Invest now to join the league of the RICH and let your money start working for you immediately.

We offer up to 250%ROI on our investment packages

You can also earn big from us with a minimum investment of N5000.00 and being our ambassador.

… While the RICH buy assets in form of Investment, the POOR buy liabilities in form Savings….It is the big difference…

…Making gainful investment is the only sure way to defeating Poverty…

Investment Packages

1. Copper 3-12 months 10% Monthly 5,000
2. Silver 6-12 months 35% Quarterly 5,000
3. Gold 12 months 80% Biannual 5,000
4. Diamond 12 months 200% Yearly 5,000

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1. Deposit 5% All deposits of your referrals On deposit
2. Quarterly 2% All deposits of your referrals Quarterly
3. Yearly 2% All deposits of your referrals Yearly
4. Monthly best referrers 10% of the 1% All deposits of your referrals Monthly